Wee Possibilities

Wee Possibilities sews handmade quilts that help families build lasting connections.

Why? It’s about connection.

  • Modern families need as many ways as possible to stay connected. Wrapping up in a cozy quilt from a loved one is like a big, warm hug; it makes kids feel special and brings them comfort. Wee Possibilities heirloom quilts are perfect for special bonding times like story time, bedtime rituals, or even as a soft spot to lay during tummy time.

  • We all have a special story. When children grow up knowing how much they are valued, and how important their story is, we position them for great possibilities.


  • Each quilt is an original piece of art handmade with love and care. No two quilts are ever the same. Quilt templates are Wee Possibilities’ original designs.

  • Embroidery is done by hand. If you look closely you may see slight variations in the stitches. This is the character of handmade art, making these quilts ever so special.

  • Easy care. Every quilt is machine washable/dryable and constructed to survive the daily adventures of childhood.

  • Regenerative design practices are used, when possible. The goal is to have a positive impact on the environment by preventing textile waste and the use of raw materials when creating new products.

Wee Possibilities VALUES: 

  • Meaningful connections.

  • Stepping forward with intention and integrity to share products that have positive impacts.

  • The investment of handmade goods as a way to honor creativity, share beauty, strengthen the economy, take care of family, and create partnerships that build strong communities.

  • Women's wisdom as the power to heal the world. Wee Possibilities partners as much as possible with other women owned business who are using their gifts to support their families and communities.

“Love is critically important. These maker’s spaces... they’re not as much about making things as they are about connecting people with each other... In fact, making things is really a way to get to compassion, to empathy, to understanding; to share with one another. And if we start to learn that, if we start to regain that feeling of love for ourselves, love for our communities and begin to strengthen community… every city that’s having trouble, and our own country, and many countries the world over will be better and stronger.” ~JEFF STURGES (TED TALK, "THE MAKER MOVEMENT")